Team Secrets for Jira - Documentation

With end-to-end encryption and viewer verification,Team Secrets protects the sensitive files and text fields your teams are sharing in Jira.

Enhance the security of your Jira instance with Team Secrets:

  • Post a Team Secret - Upload one or more files into a secret and attach to a Jira issue
  • Secure Fields - Add sensitive text fields like passwords, SSH keys or other credentials safely with encryption and verification.
  • Files and fields are encrypted by the web browser before being uploaded
  • Choose team members who can view the secret or share with your entire Jira team
  • Decide how viewers will be authenticated using 2-factor authentication
  • Add a mobile number and the viewer will receive a text message with a verification code
  • Add a secure passphrase and send it to the viewer separately for additional layer of security
  • Set expiration dates for secrets
  • *NEW* - Jira Server users can configure custom S3 buckets to store secrets

Install Team Secrets for Jira

Team Secrets for Jira can be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud or Jira Server.

You must have Jira admin privileges to install the add-on.  The following video shows the steps in detail:


Using Team Secrets for Jira

Once Team Secrets for Jira is installed on your Jira instance, you can use it to encrypt sensitive files and fields.

The following video shows how to create and share secrets:


Configuring a Custom S3 Bucket (Jira Server only)


Architecture Documentation

The following presentation is helpful for understanding how Team Secrets is architected, how secrets are protected and where they are stored.


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