Practice Safe Sharing

Team Secrets makes it easy to protect sensitive files with end-to-end encryption and viewer verification


For Gmail

Encrypt file attachments
in Gmail right from your inbox.


For Jira

Encrypt files and text fields
right inside your Jira issues.


Encrypt Gmail attachments.
Verify recipients with 2FA.

Just write an email as you normally would - Team Secrets adds a simple “Encrypt” button to your Gmail compose window so you can enable secure end-to-end encryption for all of your attachments.

Team Secrets makes sure that anyone opening your file attachments is authenticated using at least 2 forms of ID.


Encrypt Jira files and text fields.
Verify viewers with 2FA.

Team Secrets uses encryption to protect attachments and text fields from the moment you start uploading until they're opened by a viewer.

Team Secrets ensures that anyone opening your secret in Jira is authenticated using at least 2 forms of ID.