Practice Safe Sharing

Team Secrets protects sensitive files in JIRA with end-to-end encryption and viewer verification


End-to-End Encryption Made Easy

Team Secrets uses bank-grade encryption to protect your file attachments from the moment you start uploading until they are opened by the recipient. Snooping on the transfer or stealing the file will result in something completely undecipherable.

“Team Secrets makes encryption on every file attachment a no-brainer. If you care about security, install this now!”
— Team Secrets User

Real Recipient Verification

Team Secrets ensures that anyone opening your file attachments is authenticated using at least 2 forms of ID. Email, team, passphrase and mobile phone verification means only the people you choose can assemble the keys necessary to decrypt the files.

“The additional level of security is fantastic - I love how Team Secrets lets me choose who can see the file and how they have to prove it!”
— Team Secrets User

Upgrade Your Secrets

Your team is already sharing sensitive files in JIRA so why not upgrade your approach? Team Secrets works seamlessly with your existing collaborative tools to level up your security.

“I didn’t realize how many files get attached to my team tools and chat rooms every day - now keeping them secure is super easy with Team Secrets.”
— Team Secrets User

Designed for Teams of Professionals

Professionals need their content to be secure.  That’s why Team Secrets lets you pick who can view your sensitive files.  You choose the email names/domains that get access and Team Secrets validates their identity.

“Team Secrets is an awesome upgrade to my toolset - every person on my team can secure their files instantly.”
— Team Secrets User